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How it all started

Edible was created by 3 chefs with a background in creative cooking. Each of them found their way into the world of food by experimenting and learning at home, and still love cooking at home to this day.

Now they want to bring the fine dining experience to your kitchen, so you can learn, play and have fun with cooking, with your family and friends around you. Food for them means connection, it's a social event and is even better when you get to share your creations with others.

Meet our creators

Our team are experts in their fields and will make sure you'll have an unforgettable culinary experience!

Martin Thorn

Martin Thorn

Martin is passionate about food, and has been since the age of 10 when he started learning from his Italian Grandmother. He has travelled all over Italy, exploring how to bring traditional flavours into the modern world, now specialising in teaching the basics of pasta making.
Ana Adji

Ana Adji

Ana was brought up in Brazil, cooking only traditional Latin American food, but during her career she has slowly moved away from the meat-heavy dishes, and brought the same flavour to vegetarian creations, now specialising in plant-based menus with a Brazilian twist.
Jacob Masterson

Jacob Masterson

Jacob is a master with the cocktail shaker, and has gained recognition for his award winning alcohol-free inventions. An expert in wine, he also educates others in the subtleties of matching the right grape with your meal.

Community Kitchen

Every month Edible opens a community kitchen in a different city around the UK, offering free food to the homeless. We are always looking for volunteers to help us in continuing this service that we are passionate about bringing to those that need it the most. 10% of all of our profits are used to create these events.